Bread and Wine

Arriving for the Service

If you can, arrive a few minutes before the service to give yourself time to get settled and to prepare yourself spiritually for the worship of God. The entrance is the double doors by the parking spaces reserved for you and other guests at the front of the church.  When you walk into the lobby, the entrance to the worship space is to your left, the bathrooms are straight ahead, and the nursery for children is down the hall to the left on the far side of the lobby.

When you are ready to enter the worship space, an usher will greet you at those double doors and give you a bulletin that will guide you through the service. You can sit anywhere you would like inside the worship space. Sometimes new people sit in the back just to check things out. Those of us who are short may like to sit nearer to the front so we can see!

In addition to the service leaflet, you will find a red Book of Common Prayer, or Prayer Book, in the pocket of one of the chairs in front of you. The Prayer Book contains the different prayers for the service. Your bulletin will give you page numbers to find those sections.

You will also find a dark blue book called “The Hymnal 1982” which has the hymns.  The first part of the hymnal has what is called service music.  These have an "S" in front of the number.  The second part has the hymns.  There is no "S" in front of their numbers.  Our priest also announces the page numbers in the Book of Common Prayer and the hymn numbers.