Bread and Wine

Structue of the Service

Every worship service of any type has a structure even for church's that claim there is none. This structure is simply what normally happens at a particular point in the service.  In the Episcopal worship service, there are four basic parts with subparts listed below:

  1. Entrance Liturgy
    1. Processional Hymn
    2. Opening Acclamation
    3. Collect for Purity
    4. Gloria or Other Hym of Praise
    5. Collect of the Day
  2. Liturgy of the Word
    1. Old Testament Lesson
    2. Psalm
    3. New Tesatment Lesson
    4. Gospel Hymn
    5. Gospel
    6. Sermon
    7. Profession of Faith
    8. Prayers of People
    9. Confession
    10. Peace
    11. Announcements
  3. Liturgy of the Table
    1. Offertory
    2. Lift Up Your Hearts
    3. Holy, Holy, Holy Song
    4. Eucharistic Prayer
    5. Lord's Prayer
    6. Breaking of the Bread
    7. Communion
    8. Post-communion Prayer
  4. Conclusion
    1. Blessing
    2. Recessional Hymn
    3. Dismissal