GraceChalice1 First Communion


In the Episcopal Church, Baptism is considered to be full and complete initiation into the Body of Christ. Once someone is baptized, they may receive Holy Communion. Since we often baptize infants, it is advisable that parents wait until their children are old enough to eat the sacrament without playing with it or throwing it away.

Historically in the Episcopal Church, children could not receive communion until they were confirmed, but our theology of Baptism has evolved to understand that it is not a partial entry rite, but a full and complete entry rite. Just as a child is fed long before he understands nutrition, so a child is fed with the sacrament before understanding it.

Some parents (often longtime Episcopalians or former Roman Catholics) prefer to wait until their child is old enough to complete an early communion program offered at Grace. We will be pleased to offer specific instruction for children regarding the sacrament of communion. We will schedule the classes when needed. Please speak with the Pastor if you are interested.