episcopal_welcomes_you_web What to expect

People often feel a little anxious when they go to a congregation for the first time, since they do not know the people, customs or style of worship.  We hope to put you at ease through this page and website.  Please contact our pastor, if you have any questions.  Here are some frequently asked questions:



Where do I park?

 We have spaces reserved for you by the front door!  Look for the visitor parking signs.


What do I wear?

Wear what you wish!  Most people dress casually and comfortablly, including jeans and shorts in the summer.  Some men wear a suit and tie and some women wear a dress or dress pants.  People who dress up honor God by offering their best.  Those who come casually know that God looks on the heart rather than outward appearance (1 Samuel 16:7).


Who attends Grace?

The congregation is becoming increasingly diverse ethnically.  Our vision comes from the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples and peoples from all over the world were able to understand in their own language (Acts 2:1-13).  Pentecost is frequently called the birthday of the church.  It tells us that God intends for all people to be together in the body of Christ.

Grace already has a healthy mix of ages and income levels.  There are young, old, and middle aged.  Retired people, stay-at-home parents, business owners and workers, professionals, trades people, teachers, sales persons, state employees and more attend the church.  Once you get to know folks, the odds are you will find someone who is like you. Regardless of who you are, you are welcome!



Will I be singled out during the service?

People have a great fear of being singled out.  We want to welcome you without doing that.  Scripture repeatedly stresses the importance of hospitality.   Guests are not asked to introduce themselves during the service.  Our pastor and members of the congregation will greet you.

After the service, you will receive a Grace travel coffee mug as a token of our thanks for your attending the service.  You will also be invited to the coffee hour to meet members of the church.  Our coffee hour is an informal time to visit, catch up and get to know one another.


What is your style of worship?

Our worship of the living God comes from the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.  The first half is called the Liturgy of Word.  Liturgy simply means a public service.  This part finds its roots in the worship of the synagogue, which Jesus attended, as we know from Luke 4:16-21.  In this part of the service are hymns, readings from the Bible, a sermon and prayers.

The second half of the worship service is called the Liturgy of the Table.  The basis for this part comes from Jesus' last supper with his disciples.  Every Sunday we have communion, a sharing in the bread and the wine, as Christ said to do in remembrance of him (Luke 22:14-20).  Go to Eucharist for more on the worship service.

The service is found in the 1979 Book of Common Prayer.  Our pastor announces the page numbers so that you may worship God rather than worry about getting lost during the service.  To simplify following the service, a service booklet is provided and we also provide the service in electronic form to follow on your smartphone or tablet. The church has wi-fi and the password is posted in the church hall on both sides in large print.

As a general rule of thumb, we stand to sing and to pray and we sit to hear the word of God, sermon and announcements.  We do not kneel since there are no kneelers.

Most members of the Episcopal Church today grew up in another faith or without any faith.  The depth, beauty and ancient tradition of the worship frequently was what attracted them to the church.


Who may receive communion?

All those who are baptized with water in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, regardless of at what age or in which denomination, are welcome to receive the bread and the wine.  If you come forward to receive the bread and the wine, no one will question whether you are baptized.  You may come forward for a blessing, too, if you are unbaptized.

If you are allergic to wheat, please tell our pastor, who will get a gluten free wafer for you.

If you are unbaptized and would like to receive communion, please talk to our pastor.



What kind of music do you have?

Our music is traditional from the 1982 Episcopal Hymnal.  The hymns in the first part of the hymnal have an "S" in front of the number.  The "S" signifies "service."  These are parts that may be sung or said.  The second part is hymns.  These only have a number.


What is there for children Sunday morning?

During the traditional school year, Sunday School meets at 9:30 a.m. for Middle and High School age youth.  The young people watch videos and discuss topics relevant to them.

Older Pre-school and Elementary School children attend their class during the service.  They begin in church, process out during a song, and return to receive communion or a blessing, as their parents wish.  In this way, they participate in the worship and learn at a level appropriate for them.  Parents of young childre are also free to worship God without worrying about their children's behavior.

Young people who are in Grade 3 also may participate in worship as an altar server or reader of the psalm.

Nursery is available during the worship service for young children, who are also welcome to attend the service with their parents, if they wish.


Is the building accessible?

Grace is completely ADA accessible.