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What is your style of worship?

Our worship of the living God comes from the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.  The first half is called the Liturgy of Word.  Liturgy simply means a public service.  This part finds its roots in the worship of the synagogue, which Jesus attended, as we know from Luke 4:16-21.  In this part of the service are hymns, readings from the Bible, a sermon and prayers.

The second half of the worship service is called the Liturgy of the Table.  The basis for this part comes from Jesus' last supper with his disciples.  Every Sunday we have communion, a sharing in the bread and the wine, as Christ said to do in remembrance of him (Luke 22:14-20).  Go to Eucharist for more on the worship service.

The service is found in the 1979 Book of Common Prayer.  Our pastor announces the page numbers so that you may worship God rather than worry about getting lost during the service.  To simplify following the service, a service booklet is provided and we also provide the service in electronic form to follow on your smartphone or tablet. The church has wi-fi and the password is posted in the church hall on both sides in large print.

As a general rule of thumb, we stand to sing and to pray and we sit to hear the word of God, sermon and announcements.  We do not kneel since there are no kneelers.

Most members of the Episcopal Church today grew up in another faith or without any faith.  The depth, beauty and ancient tradition of the worship frequently was what attracted them to the church.