Welcome to Grace Episcopal Church!  The pages in the Visit are dedicated to welcoming you!  You will find what you can expect on your first visit, Grace's beliefs, clergy, Vestry (governing board) and history.  You will find a lot of helpful information about the church on the rest of the website, too.  If you have unanswered questions, please contact our pastor John Gibson.  He would be glad to answer any you might have about the church.

While we hope you will find this site useful, please take the next step and come to Grace one Sunday! You are our welcome guest!

  • What to Expect - You will find frequently asked questions such as what to wear when you come to Grace.

  • Beliefs -Look here for a summary of the church's beliefs about the Bible, God, the church and other matters of faith.

  • Clergy -You can meet our pastor John Gibson on this page.

  • Vestry - The vestry is the governing committee of an Episcopal church.  Find the origin of this term as well as pictures of Grace's vestry members.

  • History - Read Grace's story from its founding in 1996 till today.