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Youth Sunday


The young people are not only important for the future but for the present!  We had a great service Sunday to celebrate them.



Young people read all the lessons, prayers and gave the message Sunday.  Most Sundays they normally also lead the reading of the psalm.


Sierra gave the message.  Here's the text.


When I came to the church, I had no clue who anyone was. I do remember Mrs. Becky and Ms. Emily always being there for me and teaching me the good ways of the Lord. I was actually Mrs. Becky’s prayer buddy and I still am to this day.

As I have grown up in this church I have realized how much of a family we are. If there was ever a problem, I always knew I would have someone here to talk to and get advice from. Grace Episcopal Church has been my saving Grace since I began coming here. I would not understand what God is telling us and how we are supposed to follow and become better people day by day by following God and doing right by him without the help of this congregation. Not only has this church family helped me grow stronger in my faith and understanding but It has opened my eyes that there are better days and not to let little bumps in the road get me down. Coming to this church opened up my faith to so many opportunities and in so many ways.

Through Mom, Dad, Eli and the members of this church, I have come to know Jesus. It says in the Gospel today, “This is the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees him nor knows him. You know him, because he abides with you, and he will be in you.” This took a toll on me because I feel God within me. God has guided me on the right path and has been with me through every decision I have made, some that have had a huge impact on my life.

I felt God within me when I chose to major in Nursing when I go to Western Carolina. It was a big decision because at the start of High School I wanted to be a Vet. Yeah, a big change! Hospitals make me really queasy but I always have the urge to help someone. When dad got sick one weekend and mom said “Ok, Nurse Sierra, do we call an ambulance?” I knew right then I wanted to be a nurse. Even though it was super scary and I cried the whole way in the ambulance, it helped me make a very important decision. Jesus said that if we follow his commandments and do right by him, the Lord would lead us in the right direction, I knew God was with me.

The biggest decision was applying and accepting to go to Western Carolina. It was a huge, scary step for me. I had to consider so many things when I made the decision. The hardest obstacle is going to be being so far away from home. Five hours away from home? Who knew that I, a person who could barely go a week for the ASP trip last summer, would choose to leave her best friends and family? Crazy! My family has been my biggest support system. It is scary to think that I won't be able to have my after school talks with mom. I won't have dad to make his jokes and keep me laughing and Eli to annoy and bicker with me. I'm scared to miss Elijah’s senior year. I won't be able to watch him take the biggest steps of his life and be there for him to talk to; I guess Facetime will do.

When I head over to Cullowhee on August 18th this summer I will have so much to take with me. All the lessons I have been taught by the church family and all the memories. My faith has grown tremendously and will continue with me to college and way beyond. I hope to take what I have learned and grow more in my faith and expand my knowledge as well. I want to help others grow in their own personal faith and see the Lord like I do and all his amazing work.

Comfort Wrap for Sierra
Cookout May 2017

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