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Social Media Sunday

Social Media Sunday

In some Episcopal churches, Social Media Sunday (SMS) would be just short of the Apocalypse.  Thanks to the leadership of Becky Smith last summer, Grace participated in the first, a primarily Episcopal event.  This Sunday, October 25, SMS goes ecumenical.  

SMS15 encourages church goers across the country to check in, post, tweet, pin and use any other social media before, during and after Sunday’s service.  While this is different for many, including me!, I’m still learning about social media, we’re truly only following the example of Jesus’ apostles who used the technology of their day, letters, to tell others about Christ’s life changing power.

Although we’re making a big effort this Sunday, you are invited each Sunday to use your social media.  You might have missed it, but our bulletin now encourages you to post during communion, if you do not wish to take that time for prayer or personal reflection.  Posting or tweeting an insight, a moving moment, a photo or simply checking in is easy, natural and normal in this day and age not only to tell others what we’re doing but also about Christ.

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Social Media Tips

Here are some suggestions adapted from Nina Nicholson, Diocese of Newark.

• Post something brief about an aspect of the service that speaks to you. This can be text (a status update, an evocative quote from the sermon) or visual (a photo or even – if you’re ambitious – a short video). There’s no shortage of visually appealing things in church – icons, altar flowers, smiling friends at coffee hour.

• If you're posting on Facebook, use the Location icon to tag your church in your post.  You can also simply check in to your church's Facebook page when you arrive.

• If you’d prefer not to use your device during the service, post before or after. A status update or tweet that says something like “Off to worship at Grace Episcopal Church” or “Went to Grace Episcopal Church this morning, now I’m ready to face the week” will do just fine.  Just let your friends know you went to church!

Teresa of Avila Retweeted

In the words of St. Teresa of Avila, adapted by church social expert Meredith Gould (@MeredithGould on Twitter):

Christ has no online presence but yours,

No blog, no Facebook page but yours,

Yours are the tweets through which love touches this world,

Yours are the posts through which the Gospel is shared,

Yours are the updates through which hope is revealed.

Christ has no online presence but yours,

No blog, no Facebook page but yours.


Yard Sale and Jesus
Leslie Radford Postulant

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