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Seeing the World and God


Yesterday, birds were everywhere in the backyard. Ever since getting a few birdfeeders, I’ve noticed that shortly before a storm they disappear. They flock back, once it’s over. Without satellite imagery, radar or sophisticated computer modelling, birds know rain is coming.

Tiny birds have incredible abilities. They sense changes in barometric pressure and hear sound waves below the limits of human ability. They actually hear a large storm approaching. Many bird species also see ultraviolet light. Our eyes have three cones, enabling us to see red, green and blue. They have a fourth for UV.  Birds see the world in a way we can’t imagine.

All creatures are limited by their sense capabilities. We humans only see a slice of reality.

The Son of God is born to reveal the infinite God to us finite humans. While, in this life or the next, we will never fully comprehend God, Jesus opens our eyes to the reality of the Divine. He shows the power of God’s love to transform lives, to heal the broken and to raise the dead. 

Through the eyes of a tiny baby in a rough-hewn manger, we can begin to truly see.

With much love,

John Gibson


Public domain photo of the cardinal.

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