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New Sunday School Year

Sunday school

Yesterday, a fellow student in the astronomy class I’m taking at State, said, “I’m getting nervous about the exam Tuesday.” Tests, papers, and grades add up to stress and anxiety. At Grace, we remove the stress, allowing you to focus upon the joy of learning, and it is joyful.

 We naturally want to learn. It’s part of our DNA. Humanity wouldn’t have survived and thrived if we didn’t. People get excited when they learn something for the first time, when they have an aha moment. The process of learning opens up new worlds to us. Of course, at Grace, we’re not learning just for the sake of learning. We’re learning about the most mysterious and exciting reality in the universe: God.

 Jesus loved to learn and to grow with his heavenly Father. He regularly went to the Temple, the synagogue, and deserted places to pray, and he intently studied the Scriptures. He frequently quotes or alludes to them in his teaching.

 The other Sunday we heard Jesus advise against taking a higher seat at a wedding banquet. He drew from Proverbs 25:6-7 for his parable.

This Sunday September 15th we begin Sunday school. During the 9:15 service, we will have class and worship for children in Pre-school and Elementary School, using the biblically based Deep Blue curriculum that combines music, activities and videos.

 Between services, for the first time, we will offer a Gospel-based discussion time for Middle and High School students.

Teachers are needed for both classes! Contact Casey Bober or reply to me, if interested!

 We haven’t forgotten you adults! On Wednesday October 9th we begin a seven week Connect group, discussing Jimmy Carter’s The Virtue of Aging. A group will be offered at 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.  

 John Gibson


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