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Miss Bea

Miss Bea

One part of ministry that I enjoy most is visiting with people.  Today I had the honor of eating breakfast with Miss Bea!  Bea is Grace's oldest member at age 91.  She's a lifelong Episcopalian, as I am.  I love to listen to her stories about the church.

One visit she told me that during World War II, when it was announced that the Allies were invading Normandy, many businesses allowed their workers to go to church.  Miss Bea, who worked for Prudential, went to her packed Episcopal Church service on June 6, 1941 to pray for the soldiers and our nation.

Even though a lifelong Episcopalian, Bea dislikes the Episcopal tradition of singing every verse of a hymn.  She and I joked about that Christmas Eve when one hymn stretched to eight verses.  She doesn't mind telling anyone what she thinks either!

Miss Bea doesn't drive anymore, which means she only attends service when one of her daughters can bring her, but, when she does, it's a great treat!  Miss Bea loves worshiping!  Before Christmas, she was in the hospital and rehab for three weeks.  Where did she go when she got out on Christmas Eve?  Our Christmas Eve service.  Miss Bea said afterward that it was therapeutic for her.

I'm thankful for Miss Bea.  She embodies the Episcopal belief that the tradition of our faith matters; she lives our ideal of faithfulness to God; and, she takes great delight in our worship of the triune diety - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - which is at the center of our lives as Christians.

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Saturday, 11 July 2020