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Last Call for the Lenten Challenge

Last Call for the Lenten Challenge

I am extremely happy about our observance of Lent this year at Grace.  Out of forty books ordered, I only have two left!  I am already getting a lot out of the daily scripture passage, reflection, questions and prayer in A Journey with Mark: The Fifty Bible Challenge.  Even though we have barely started, already I look forward to the one for the next day.  As a lifelong Episcopalian, with a lot of Lents under my belt, I have found that giving up rather taking on something holds more meaning for my observance of Lent.  This year though is different!

The other difference, I think, is that we are doing this Lenten practice together.  There is power in working together toward a common goal.  The Christian faith is inherently corporate rather than individual.  Throughout Christian history, there have been notable hermit saints, but they are the exception rather than the rule.  Our individualistic society believes we can be spiritual, whether Christian or any other faith, by ourselves.  There is a certain truth to this belief, because God created us as physical and spiritual beings, but our spiritual life is far weaker by ourselves.  The spirit of the risen Christ lives, moves and works through the body of Christ, of which you and I are members.

Take the Challenge

This Sunday you will have one last chance to offer the Lenten Challenge pledge form, inserted in the bulletin, to God in the offering plate.  If you have not already done so, I know you have been thinking about it!  Part of you has wanted to take the challenge.  We all love challenges!

You might have worried though that you would miss one of the six Sundays in Lent.  People who travel simply attend another church’s worship.  You also might simply have worried that you could not do this challenge.  Remember that the life of faith is one of hope rather than fear.  In order to support you, I will send a special email with a reflection on Mark each week to encourage all those who fill out the pledge form.  With one another and with God, we can do this!

And, in order to further support your effort, this Sunday I will start a six-week Lenten sermon series entitled, “Let Go and Live More!”  Each week we will look at how we can let go of the things that are holding us back and live more into God’s vision for our lives!

The Let Go and Live More Fully sermon series, Lenten discussion groups, email support, and free book have one goal – to strengthen your relationship with Jesus Christ and to enable you to live into the unimaginable riches of life with God.    Take the Challenge!



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