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Join A Connect Group

Join A Connect Group

If I have a choice between self-checkout and a cashier, I go with the cashier, unless that line is too long. I like to talk to the checkout person. Of course, in our day and age, talking to a human is less common than in the past.

Automated menus greet us when we call a company. We buy more and more online! I just bought name tags for the church on Smile Amazon (remember to buy there and support Grace!) Even when we have the choice of talking to someone, we frequently text instead. I do it all the time. Sometimes that’s the fastest way to reach a person.

All of these tools save us time and frequently money, but they come at the cost of less personal human contact that is essential for our psychological, physical and spiritual wellbeing. A study last year found that three out of four, 75% of Americans, struggle with loneliness.

The answer, I believe, is not to chuck our cells and go back to the black rotary dial phones of yesteryear but intentionally to interact personally with others. One important way to do that is through our Connect Groups.

These discussion groups are the best way to connect with others on a personal and spiritual level. There are no lectures, tests, or papers! We learn, laugh and pray with each other. Folks attend as often as they can. Life does get busy!

This fall we’re discussing Jimmy Carter’s The Virtues of Aging. Bob Segraves-Collis suggested this great book. You can read about and buy it here.

Our groups start next Wednesday October 9th and run for seven weeks to November 20th. Once again, we’ll have our popular 10:00 – 11:00 am group and this fall a new 6:00 – 7:00 pm group that will have an inexpensive meal together at a local restaurant of the group’s choice. You can sign up this Sunday in the lobby or reply to this email.

I hope you’ll be a part of one of our great Connect Groups.

John Gibson


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