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Great Work, Choir Move and Lighting

Great Work, Choir Move and Lighting

Great Job, Grace!

There is only one word to say, “Wow!”  What a great turn out Sunday to remove the carpet, paint the door frames and to prep the wall for the new cove base!  You were amazing!  One person said at the beginning of the afternoon that there was no way we would get all of that done, but we did!  Great job, Grace Episcopal!  Check out pictures from our work day here. 

The installers put in the new carpet Monday.  They also did an amazing job completing a three-day project in one long day.  It looks great!  I think you will be pleased!

Below you will find our Renovation Honor Roll!  If your name has been inadvertently left off, please let me know.  I want this to be as accurate as possible.

There’s still time to add your name to our Honor Roll if you haven’t been able to participate, yet!  You can join one of our two remaining workdays, pray daily for God’s blessing on this effort, contribute financially, or do all of the above!  We must pay for the cost of the paint and other purchased supplies.

This is your church, your time!

Click here to sign up on our SignUpGenius page.

Saturday August 22

This Saturday morning we put back all of the furniture, install the cove base and touch up the inside paint!  Your help is vital!

Will Dunn of Special Effects will arrive at the church at 8am to deliver the cove base and to give a brief tutorial on how to install it.  We will work till 12 pm.  If you can't make it at 8pm, arrive at whatever time works for you that morning!  I’ll bring the bagels and put on the coffee!

Wednesday August 26

Since weekends don’t always work well for people, we will have, what I hope will be, our final summer workday Wednesday August 26 starting at 9 am.  The goal for this day will be to paint the exit doors, yellow warning posts and the cinder block wall outside.


Choir Move

When we put back the furniture Saturday, choir seating, piano and keyboard will move to the back of the church.  This area will be reserved for them.  We have planned this move for months.  There are two reasons.

The first is to encourage people to join our choir!  Some people with great voices feel uncomfortable sitting in front of the congregation.  After this move, you will be out of view and able to sit near your family.

The second is to encourage congregational singing.  We hope that being able to hear our choir will mean that the rest of us will sing the hymns more strongly.

We are blessed with great talent in our congregation!  I hope this will be an important step to strengthen our praise of the risen Christ.



You will notice Sunday that the lighting in our worship space is a bit brighter and that instead of two banks of fluorescent lights on either side these lights are now interspersed throughout the room.   I took advantage of the clear room and the 10’ ladder loaned by Bill and Nancy Shaeffer to disconnect the fluorescent bulbs in almost half the fixtures to provide an even lighting effect.  Few people think about this aspect of worship, but it is essential to have good light.  I hope you will find this to be an improvement, too, for our worship of the living God.


Renovation Honor Roll

Add Your Name to Our Honor Roll!


Painting and Carpet Removal

Kathryn Adams

Jill Allen

Jack Bacheler

Pat Pacheler

Addison Bober

Casey Bober

Christopher Bober

Hannah Bober

Logan Bober

Danny Currie

Kathy Currie

Ben Dohner

Blake Dohner

Timolee Dohner

Cindy Gibson

John Gibson

Tom Hunter

Markell McPhearson

Russ Monroe

Chris Pahl

Davis Pahl

Karen Pahl

Larkin Pahl

Jim Purvis

Teresa Purvis

Michael Rains

Larry Sorenson



Caroline Armstrong

Ken Armstrong

Julie Ginsler

Susan LaPlant

Becky Smith

Emily Smith


Financial Contribution

Narcotics Anonymous Thursday Evening Group

Wendy Wood


Daily Prayer

Barbara Hendren


Material Donation or Loan

Bill Schaeffer

Nancy Schaeffer

Cove Base and Reorg Day
Carpet Removal Day

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