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God's Creative, Renewing Power


The other day I was at Vom Fass, Julie Ginsler’s wonderful shop in Cary, talking about Christmas dinner. She and Bill are planning to have their famous crab dip appetizer, followed by roasted cauliflower prime rib, twice baked potato and Boston cream pie. Cindy is planning to make a delicious vegetarian lasagna for us! Many households today include other delicacies instead of or in addition to the traditional Christmas menu.

This past year has been hard. We have all struggled to varying degrees with wearing masks, social distancing, and the loss of our accustomed routines and ways of interacting with one another.

In the midst of our pain, brokenness and grief, we have also seen incredible resilience, perseverance and creativity. If someone had told me a year ago that Grace would be livestreaming this year’s Christmas service, I would have laughed. But we not only are, we are livestreaming at a high quality that will only improve in 2021.

When Jesus was born, our creator God did something amazingly new. The very being of God became human, walking as one of us, shining the light of God’s love, bringing new life. Jesus’ birth reveals the creative, renewing power of God.

This Christmas we celebrate more than an ancient historical event. We rejoice in the power of God’s love to inspire, to renew, and to create.

Merry Christmas!

With much love,

John Gibson


Photo by John Gibson of Grace's creche

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