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Epiphany Light and Capitol Violence

Three Wise Men

Epiphany, January 6th, is one of the greatest days in world history and now one of the worst in American. The magi, whose visit to the Christ child we celebrate on the 6th, take the news of Jesus’ birth out to the world. Epiphany celebrates the manifestation, the shining, of the light of Christ for all people.

January 6th will also now forever be remembered as the day rioters chanting “Four more years,” carrying Trump 2020 flags, overran the capitol. These individuals bear responsibility for their actions. President Trump also bears responsibility. Republican US Representative Liz Cheney, from Wyoming, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, told Fox News. “The president incited the mob. He lit the flame.” Five people are now dead, one from gunfire, three due to medical emergencies, and one from injuries. The halls of congress have been looted. Our democracy damaged. These actions must be condemned.

During a phone call with my brother about the assault,  that day, I lost my temper. It is all too easy in these times of division and discord, when passions run high, for all of us to succumb to our lesser nature.

We are blessed at Grace to have Trump and Biden supporters. There are differences but much in common. Together, we are created in the image of God. Together, we serve the living God. Together, we stumble and fall. Together, we are forgiven and redeemed. Together, we struggle for a more just society. Together, we fall short. Together, we walk in the way of Jesus. Together, we love our neighbor.

John Lewis said, “When I was being beaten on the Freedom Rides or in a march, I never hated. I respected the dignity and worth of that person. Because we all are human and we must be human toward each other and love each other.”

Love is more powerful than hate. Love alone can conquer hate. Although at times it may seem to flicker and fade, the light that shined the first Epiphany continues to show the way. Only through loving our neighbor can we be the Beloved Community for all persons.

With much love,

John Gibson


The picture is "Three Wise Men" by Leopold Kupelweiser. Public domain image, Wikimedia Commons. 

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