Be There for Pentecost June 4


After the video the Rev. Roxanne Gwyn and I did on why we don’t say a confession of sin during Easter season worship, a Facebook friend was concerned that people who only attend Christmas Eve and Easter Day miss out. They do, but not only on the confession but also the year-long rhythm of seasons, feasts, fasts, prayers and rites that help deepen our faith and strengthen our walk with Jesus.

This Sunday we observe one of the most important holy days of the year – Pentecost. This day celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit on Jesus’ disciples in Jerusalem (Acts 2:1-6) and on us when we are baptized.

The Spirit unites us with the Father and the Son in heaven and with other believers on earth. The third person of the Trinity, who dwells in us, empowers our life in Christ. The Holy Spirit comforts, strengthens and guides us through the ups and downs of life.

Our worship Sunday will commemorate in various ways the dramatic coming of the Holy Spirit. Since the Spirit’s unifying power enabled people from different areas of the world to hear the disciples speaking in their native languages, parts of our service will be in Spanish, French and English. One of the choirs of El Buen Pastor, a Durham, Spanish-speaking, Episcopal congregation, will sing with us. Red helium-filled red balloons will adorn our sanctuary to represent the tongues of fire that appeared over the disciples’ heads that day.

Be sure not to miss out on this great celebration! Wear red, too!

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