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A Weird but Holy Easter

The Empty Tomb

I’ve been thinking about Christmas. You might be wondering if I’m having an escapist fantasy, longing for a happy time without COVID-19. That might be part of it, but I’m thinking about Christmas, because every year whether or not I’m ready, Christmas arrives. It doesn’t matter how many or few Christmas cards I mailed, whether or not I found the perfect gift for Cindy, or if I’m feeling the spirit of the season.

Although we don’t think about it at Easter, since we’re not under the same pressure to buy gifts, decorate and mail cards, the same is true for it. Neither the birth of Jesus nor His resurrection depend us. They happened. Jesus was born! Christ has risen!

For two thousand years, those words have given hope. They proclaim that whatever trial we face, the love, mercy and power of God are greater. Without a doubt this is the weirdest Holy Week of our lives, but it is still holy, because Jesus gave his life for you. Despite the pain, humiliation and death of the cross, the tomb was empty Easter morning! Alleluia!

Pastor John

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