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A Growing Faith

A Growing Faith

The books arrived last week for our Lenten Challenge!  I eagerly thumbed through A Journey with Mark, pausing to read the reflection for one of the passages.  Each day of our 50-day journey has two to three pages with a passage from the Gospel of Mark, a reflection, a couple of thought provoking questions and a prayer.  I am excited about our challenge to read Mark and to worship every Sunday, because it will help us grow spiritually as individuals and a community of faith, which I pray for daily.  According to all the research that I have seen, daily scripture reading and prayer are essential to growing in the Christian life and faith

At the annual meeting in December, I talked about the importance of growing in our faith.   Although it is an oversimplification, there are two basic models of faith.  The first and, perhaps, more common, is static.  In this one, people think that once baptized or confirmed, they do not need to grow in their faith.  I am a Christian and that is that!  I was guilty of this as a teenager.  I never went back to Sunday School after I was confirmed at age 13.  Thankfully, with the encouragement of my college chaplain, I started learning about my faith again through taking classes, reading the scriptures, prayer, spiritual direction and other practices.  These have made a huge difference for me spiritually although I still have a long way to go.  While you might not think this at first, part of the excitement of the Christian journey is that we have a long way to go; in other words, God is not done with us!  The Holy Spirit continues to work in your life and mine in amazing ways.

God Works

God certainly can and does work without our praying and reading scripture daily, but there is no question that the Holy Spirit seems more active when we do.  God seems to work more because we open our hearts and minds more to God, aligning our lives more with Christ.   I see this over and over again in amazing things that simply seem to happen.

The latest example is the gift of a photocopier.  Our old photocopier no longer printed legible copies.  It would have cost several hundred dollars to repair, which would have been money down the drain given the copier’s age and other problems.  Tuesday the daughter of a member sent an email offering one.  A law firm had declared bankruptcy and left it in the property that her company managed.  We picked up the two-year old copier Friday.  

God continues to work in the world and in our lives.  Our relationship with God is dynamic rather than static.  We can and should grow in our faith and our relationship with Jesus.  The second letter of Peter says, “Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” (3:18). Essential to our mission at Grace is growing in our faith.

Take the Lenten Challenge!  Commit to read A Journey with Mark!  Attend worship every Sunday!  Grow in the Spirit of Our Lord and see the amazing things God does in your life!


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Saturday, 11 July 2020