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Chris Pahl

Pahl FamilyChris talks about the amazing grace of coming to Grace Episcopal when he felt lost.  You can read the text below but you need to listen to hear the emotion in his voice, the difference Grace has made in his life.
"Hi, I’m Chris, and I’m an Episcopalian.  I’ve been reflecting in the last couple of days how I’m growing, ow my family is growing in Grace.  It kind of hit me.  Looking back I felt lost.  I’m a former member of St. Michael’s in Raleigh and after college sort of lost touch there.  My family still attends every Sunday, ninety percent of my family.  My brother is an Episcopal priest.  I’m not perfect.
We moved to Clayton in 2009.  Driving down Highway 70 seeing the Grace signs before you guys moved over here.  Always in the back of my mind, Grace.
Last year we took a Dave Ramsey class, sort of changed our lives, and last summer I was reading the North Carolina Disciple, there was an article that caught my attention and I read the article and on the opposite page was the garden.  There was an article about the garden at Grace, and I saw John.  It was God talking to me, telling me you’ve seen the sign on Highway 70, you’ve seen it now on Highway 42, just take the chance, and we came that Sunday, and we probably missed a few more Sundays after that.  John got my email address.  I think he was emailing me.  We started coming again.
Now were members, regular attenders.  I’m growing in Grace.  It’s funny.  I felt lost and God put me at Grace.  Amazing Grace.   It’s funny.  God’s been working in so many ways through me.  I feel it.  I think, John, we’ve talked about it.  Just from the Dave Ramsey classes we did.  From the article just being there when I flipped through the magazine.
I hope in the future you guys will be able to watch my kids grow at Grace.   I was an acolyte at St. Michael’s.  I was in the choir at St. Michael’s.  I hope Davis one day will get to carry the cross.  It’s something I enjoyed.  I hope you would want to do it.  I hope you get to watch them grow not physically but in their faith.   I think it’s special to be in such a small church and I feel the family, and I do feel it here, so I thank you."