Bread_Ministry275 Bread Baking

"I am the bread of life, whoever comes to me will never be hungry" (John 6:35).

There is something assuring about bread.  The smell of baking bread fills the nostrils.  Bread fresh from the oven warms the insides.  Images of home, comfort and contentment come to mind when you think of a loaf of homemade bread.  And, for thousands of years, bread has been the very stuff of life itself and the center of Christianity.

Jesus chose an ordinary but powerful image when he said "I am the bread of life."  The bread that Jesus offers nourishes our essential being.   The bread that he gives us offers eternal life with God.  It symbolizes Christ's sacrificial death for us and our community of faith.  "One bread, one body."

An important ministry of Grace is baking and delivering bread to our local guests.  The bread symbolizes the gift of Christ and the community of those who walk in his way.  Members bake sweet or yeast bread, without nuts.  Others deliver a homemade loaf, if we have an address, symbolic of the love of God that reaches out to each of us through Christ and an invitation to new life in his body.

If you would like to bake or deliver bread, contact Sue Garrett.