Grace_men_bowling_March_2014 Men's Group


Men of Grace is a ministry based in camaraderie and service. Gatherings may alternately include prayer breakfasts, bowling, or service projects to benefit our church family or community.

Our prayer breakfasts are held at local restaurants in the Clayton area where we gather to reflect on God’s word with other men. These are usually held on Saturday mornings to allow greatest attendance.

Bowling nights are among our most popular outings. These take place at Rainbow Lanes in Clayton, near our church, so the location couldn’t be more convenient! Cold beverages usually appear at some point during the evening, and the only requirement is that everyone unwind, laugh, and have fun!

Our mission of service takes many forms. It may be as simple as supporting one another by listening, offering prayer, or sharing community contacts. It may also involve more tangible support such as helping someone with a chore, loaning equipment or tools, or working on a project around the church. We have all been endowed by God with unique gifts and abilities. The power of our group is bringing these gifts together for Christ.

Watch the calendar for our next gathering. We hope you will join us as we strive to glorify God!

For more information, contact John Gibson.